One of my first science parties- they loved it!

A friend of mine from school was asking what kinds of activities we do at a science party…

I figured since I’m not doing science parties this summer, I’d share a good ‘set-list’ in case you wanted to throw your own science party this summer. I’ll post separate instructions soon for the individual parts- but thought I’d give an overview to start!

General Science Party Plan: Here are some of the materials I gather up before hosting/throwing a science party. The Dollar Tree has great cheap supplies.

General supplies:

  • Name tags
  • Lab coats or aprons
  • Plastic table cloths
  • Plastic bowls for mess
  • Food coloring
  • Dish soap
  • Wipes
  • Clean trays
  • Other supplies/toys are listed- many with affiliate links where you can find them and purchase them.

The Party- Start up: I usually make sure I have an open area for kids to sit when we do some demonstrations and then a big table to do hands-on activities.

  • Kids enter party, get goggles.Birthday child gets special lab coat. Everyone gets name tag.
  • Need long interactive table and space for floor semi-circle.

Introductory demos: Semi- circle: These are done on the floor/ground. Then kids get up for interactive activities. 

  1. Bubbles if outside- make homemade bubble mixture (recipe below)- can make bubble snakes like these (I’ll post directions in a separate post):

  • This recipe is great: Measure 6 cups of water into one container, then pour 1 cup of dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir. Measure 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup and add it to the container. Stir the solution until it is mixed together

2. Science toys to get the party started- Parachutes- let birthday kid throw it, ask questions to the group.  Try an energy stick.Here are the affiliate links for products:

Getting ready to throw a parachute.



3. Tornado– why is this like a tornado? How does it work?

Kids love the tornado tubes- and they are so easy and cheap!


4. “Toast the birthday kid!” – Density column- Why do the layers happen? Why do some things float and some things sink? Talk about solids, liquids, and gas. Layer your liquids and amaze the kids!

Layer liquids for a cool effect!
  • Champagne glass
  • vegetable oil- yellow
  • tap water (with food coloring) red
  • dish soap- blue
  • bolt/money

5. Cloud in a bottle- this one is so cool and so easy!

Use a bike pump to pump air into a bottle…
Pull the top off and you have a cloud in a bottle!
  • Use about a cap full of alcohol, spread around the inside
  • cap with the stopper
  • pump three air pumps into it, pull stopper off
  • should make a cloud


Interactive Demos: Have a helper set these two up while you do the beginning demos.

  1. Milk-dye lab – Why does the soap cause the colors to move?
This one combines science and art!
  • Set up milk at beginning of the party. Add food coloring too if time. Soap dishes with cotton swabs. Tell kids the procedure ahead of time! Tell them to take their time!!
  • food coloring/glitter
  • white Styrofoam bowl/pie plate
  • whole milk
  • soap and cup
  • cotton swabs
  1. Slime/Gak- Why do the two things added together make a slime? You are making polymers, chains get caught together.
(This is not a slime picture- but I love this picture)


This is the slime you’ll get with this recipe- and its so easy!


  • Set up baggies with place for name- set up before, Elmer’s glue- blob in cups when arrive, liquid starch ready to go…
  • plastic cups to share (8 oz)
  • wooden sticks for stirring
  • Add starch when ready, stir, and Voila! Slime….
  • More slime recipes to come!  This one is very basic and easy and works!
  • I buy a big gallon of glue: Link:


Closing demos:

Dry ice demos

  • dry ice in cooler (Seek out well in advance- some ice cream shops sell it)
  • tongs
  • warm water
  • graduated cylinders:  Link:
  • big bowl 
  • liquid soap

Demos to try:

Dry ice + soap + water= awesome touchable bubbles!


  • Quarter- hold the quart to the dry ice, makes cool noises
  • Add to warm water, can add food coloring in large plastic graduated cylinder or vase
  • Add soap to the water, watch as bubbles up- kids can each hold bubbles, can reload with warm water and ice once it slows down
  • Alien bubbles- try it out! Use the bucket with the funnel attached. bubbles can land on towel or gloved hands. I’ll post a separate directions entry on this one- it requires some DIY setup. 
Alien bubbles- you can hold them without popping!
Crystal ball with dry ice…


Closing demos – Rockets:

Mentos Geyser- Why does the candy make the diet coke erupt? Catalysts

  • 2 Liter diet sodas- diet is better b/c it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. 
  • Tray for mess or do outside
  • Mentos candy
  • Geyser Tube: Link:

Closing- things with air

Kids love the air blaster!
The Science Ladies at White Sox Weather Day- Air Blaster in hand!

Small air blaster. These are really fun: 


Giant smoke ring blaster. Need to construct with large garbage can- I have directions in a previous post!

A little girl enjoying a smoke ring from the giant air blaster!
Me demonstrating the air vortex from the giant air blaster at an outdoor science party.


Stomp rockets: These are a great way to end a party- every kid gets at least a turn and you can make it a competition to see who gets their rocket the highest. Discuss the science behind the rocket blast.

We like these: Link:


Take lots of pictures- and you’re done!

Feel free to post pictures, comments, or questions!

Hope you have a great Science Party!

Thanks guys!

Jen B, the Science Lady

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to amazon. If you purchase any of these items, I will get a certain percentage of the purchase cost.