A fun party!

I’ve done a lot of parties! Parents have sent me some great pictures after the parties- I will certainly post a lot of them soon!

This particular party had one of my favorite settings- it was summer, it was outdoors, and it was a great science party! The parents were super cool, and, very artistic- with photography skills to boot….

So not only was the party great, but it also came back with some awesome pictures.

This is the giant air blaster! It’s so easy to make. Requires that you have a fog machine on hand. But once it’s done, it’s done and ready to blast!
Mentos Geyser Tubes
Here we used the Mentos Geyser Tubes. Our little scientist got a little too close upon detonation! He took it well though!
Mini air blaster
Here’s the mini air blaster that I like to use at parties. Pop a cup on top of the kids’ head and blow it off! Super fun- a little scary too!
Tornado Tubes
Of course we have tornado tubes at most parties. They are so easy to put together! Bust them out any day of the week for some fun with the kiddos.

When the weather is good, I highly recommend doing science activities outside. Kids love being outside and love doing experiments outside. The upside for the parents- the mess is way easier to clean up!


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Take lots of pictures- and you’re done!

Feel free to post pictures, comments, or questions!

Hope you have a great Science Party!

Thanks guys!

Jen B, the Science Lady


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