Science party girls!

Who am I?

I'm Jen B, the Science Lady!

I've been a high school science teacher for 17 years and a mom for 10 years. In 2014, I decided to combine my love of science with my hopes of introducing my own kids and kids in my community to awesome science experiments- and The Science Party was born!

My Story

After finding inspiration in some interesting places, I started pitching science birthday parties to my friends and to people in my community. The parties were a hit! I've been the science entertainment at parties of friends' kids and also people who found me on the internet. The parties were a blast! Since I had developed some great science party materials, I decided to expand from doing only parties to offering science classes in my community through our park district- those were a hit too! I was very busy with science parties and classes in no time!

As my own family has grown and has gotten busier, I've had to put hte brakes on my in-person entertaining. But I still want to share my ideas! That's where the website and my blog come in- I'll be creating posts that I hope are useful to moms, dads, teachers, and camp counselors that want to do science with the kids they want to entertain and hook on science!

Please leave feedback, questions, or comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Jen B, the Science Lady

Meet the Team

Its a pretty small team! I've been the owner and entertainer- Jen B, the Science Lady, and I've had some great teacher helpers!


Jen B, The Science Lady

Founder & CEO

I love science, teach science, dream science.... hence...

Jen B, the Science Lady.

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Jen C, Forensics Lady

Forensics Expert

Jen C comes to us special from Arizona and has worked many real crime scenes as a photographer. Now she runs a great detective science class! Contact her at if you want a backyard crime scene party!


Andrea W, Party Guru

CPE (Chief Party Entertainer)

Andrea has been my go to girl to entertain at science parties! Please contact her at if you are a local (Lake County, IL) and want a great science party. She's got it down!

Next Steps...

Check out our blog for great ideas you can do at home!