Tornado Tube Fun!

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Okay so I am not a video- buff- but I know that people like to see a quick video of different science things…. So I’m trying some video! I am definitely not expert and there is no editing here, but you get a good view of what the tornado tube should look like when it is all attached and ready to go.

Check out the video here: Tornado Tube Fun!

If you are wanting to get your own Tornado Tube connector, you can get one sent to your house quickly by amazon! I recommend planning to do the Mentos Geyser Experiment first with two 2-Liter bottles of diet soda. I always use diet because it is not sticky! Pull your materials out onto the lawn or sidewalk and have your kids help pull the trigger and then run away! So fun and cute! Best on a warm day- the warmer the soda the more vigorous reaction with the Mentos!

Fun with the Mentos Geyser Tube


Here’s your shopping list!

These are all products I’ve used or a product similar to one I’ve used:



For more activities to try with the Tornado Tube and Geyser Tube, check out this blog post Throw a Science Party!

Take lots of pictures- and you’re done!

Feel free to post pictures, comments, or questions!

Hope you have a great Science Party!

Thanks guys!

Jen B, the Science Lady

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to amazon. If you purchase any of these items, I will get a certain percentage of the purchase cost.




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